About Us
Prota Limited was established in 2015 in Kenya with the objectives of Sales, Marketing and Distribution of Surgical Devices.
We are a Company based in Kenya looking to do business differently in our chosen industry. We intend to foster long-term bonds and partnerships with our clients that will produce symbiotic results for us.
We are passionate about our products. Quality and affordability is at the heart of Prota. We supply products that are dependable, with reproducibility at affordable cost. We follow up on our products through market survey and research to make sure that our clients get value for their investment.
We strive to stay up to date with market trends and bring innovative products. We are flexible in our model of doing business.
We believe in transparency, integrity, growth and versatility. These are practiced at every opportunity we get to interact with our clients. At the very core is our able and experienced team that is determined and dedicated to serve.

Our Vision
At Prota, we strive to be the first choice and the premier regional distributor to the healthcare industry in the market by maintaining the utmost quality and professionalism and eventually be the leader in Innovative Entrepreneurship in our industry in the African continent by 2030.

With an unyielding commitment to improve patient outcomes and value-based healthcare, we provide our patients and practitioners with world class surgical supplies. Our corporate integrity, honesty, and transparency are unwavering.

Consistency, Reliability, Innovation, Service and People